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So the curtains in my room are not sun blocking at all. Normally wakes me up around 7am and I decide to sleep another hour. This morning I was awake so decided to go into work early. Best thing evar! Nice to have an hour and a half to just code solid without meetings or people to deal with. Not that I dislike interacting with others during the day, we all rely on each other to answer questions and such, but just powering through code is so much easier when you're not distracted. Now doing laundry all evening. Way too much to do. Also need to study the scuba stuff tonight some more. New FAQ stuff went live on the site today, could have been smoother but wasn't horrible either. We really need a better way to test things before they go live. Nothing broke, just a few small things not working right.

Edit: Not bad for laundry since aparently the last time I did it was 5 days short of a month ago.