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Aug. 23rd, 2005

So after recbill work has been calm. Back to working more on what interests me and having time during the day to do other things like help out in support. We had a team offsite last week which was interesting. Too long and I should have kept my mouth shut at times. Was cool having everyone in town though, the team seems much larger. One thing with having more time comes finding projects that interest you. We don't really have a good list of stuff to pick from anymore which is frustrating. Leaving me to come up with things on my own, but also worrying about how long they will take. I really like the two to three day projects.

Going to Lake Shasta this weekend with a bunch of people on a houseboat. Should be fun. Will be hot there though. Then when I get back need to get all my shit back into boxes and move out of the room I am in since the guy I'm subletting it from is coming back the 30th. Should be able to start moving boxes into the new place by the 1st though. They're cleaning the carpets so they'll just get moved into the garage but that is fine.

Labor day weekend I'll be up in Portland, Friday evening to tuesday early morning. Will go, hopefully, tuna fishing on my uncle's new boat he just had built. Should be lots of fun. Then back here and moving in to the new place with wcu. Then the hunt for furniture so I'm not sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. :P

Have a bit of an ear infection I think in my right ear. Been dull pain for almost a week. Been trying to ignore it. Tylenol and advil make it no longer hurt, even when I poke at it. Don't think it is bad since I can still equalize my ear, meaning the tube isn't full of fluid or anything. Doesn't really seem like an ear infection, but more like a mild one or something. Most likely had water left in it from diving. Figure if it doesn't get better after tylenol / advil for a few days will get it looked at.