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I think I could do the same in straight PHP in less than half the lines! Not to mention not needing an additional compiler.



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Nov. 28th, 2005 05:56 pm (UTC)
I am one of the PHOCOA authors. Just wanted to clarify a few things...

1. There are -0- lines of code in this example. All the lines of php that you see are CONFIG data, but this is auto-gen'd by the PHOCOA builder application, which is a GUI designer. Just point, click, and save. The config files are generated automatically.
2. There is no additional compiler... I am not sure what you meant by this (unless you mean the Smarty template... then yes there is an additional compile, but it's cached).
3. It's a framework, but not .NET style! PHOCOA is based on Cocoa, which is nothing like .NET.

That's all! Thanks for checking out the site.

Nov. 28th, 2005 07:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Clarification
Hey Alan,
Thanks for the comment! Would be cool to have some screenshots of the app on the site just to reinforce the fact that that would be auto-generated code. I forget where I saw a link to your site though. Point and click does sound cool for PHP apps, but not really for me. I'm sure PHOCOA is cool, and has a definite use case, but I just rant at times and may not fully understand the product. The really cool bit is how it is based on Cocoa to make PHP development on the Mac easy and integrated. I guess the additional compiler comment was in regards to changing the GUI clicks into the config files and then into PHP itself.
Dec. 6th, 2005 04:19 am (UTC)
Re: Clarification
Hi Dave-

Yea, there is a screenshot. It's on the home page! :) but it's below-the-fold... probably not the best place for it.

I am pretty anti-point-n-click myself. I code in vi. However, for some things GUIs are just clearly better. PHOCOA Builder (and Interface Builder in Cocoa) are just tools to automate tedious processes. PHOCOA's goal isn't really to integrate the Mac and PHP development in any way... they are pretty much un-integrated other than that PB only runs on the Mac right now... but I would imagine we'll have a Java version in the future.

PHOCOA isn't intended as a CMS-style project where you point-n-click to add capabilies, or as a RAD tool like VB or anything. It's something really that grew out of the frustration of writing large web apps in PHP. Coding practices waffle from page to page, it's difficult to re-use parts, etc. PHOCOA is just a "base platform" for any PHP web app. After looking at a ton of frameworks for PHP and deciding that none of them were mature enough for *me* to depend on (that is to say, not that other frameworks aren't dependable, but that it's not obvious from their state of documentation / activity), I decided to write my own. Having learned Cocoa of the last few years, which has really brought back joy to programming for me, I thought it'd be cool to have a web version of it.

The whole idea of PHOCOA (and a lot of PHP frameworks) is to handle all the tedious stuff so that all of the time you spend coding is productive for YOUR application. For me, every web app I've worked on since PHOCOA started has been based on PHOCOA, and that's not just because I wrote it. It's truly made it much faster and more pleasurable to write web apps.

I am curious, for you, what types of things do you do with PHP that a) made you interested enough to check out PHOCOA, and b) think it wasn't something that would be useful for you? I am wondering what other programming models there are out there that I am not taking into consideration.

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