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Week in Pictarz

My brother got a free Razr and headset so he took the pink one since he knew it was worth more than the black one. He sold it, I stole the headset. Now I have two!

Almost out of patching shit for my air matress.

Went to MacWorld on Tuesday with jtrevino.

Brought my lava lamp down from Portland.

Roomba is soooo awesome!

Got real vinyl glue and a big ass clamp at Home Depot today.
Shelf #1 Shelf #1

Went to Ikea and bought shelves for my room today.
Shelf #2 Shelf #2

Shelf #3 Shelf #3

Need to borrow someone's dremel or something to cut a hole in the back of this shelf since the cable jack is right behind it and it sticks out like 4".


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Jan. 16th, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
I appreciate this style of posting since I'm a few days behind on my f-list.
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