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So I don't really mind doing laundry, but it definitely is inconvenient. We have the washer and dryer reserved for our unit all day Wednesday and Saturday. So good in that I don't have to ever fight people for it, but bad if I want/need to do laundry another day. Then again, it seems pretty much fair game by like 11pm if need be. Sunday the machines aren't reserved for anyone, so really we have three days a week we can do laundry. Totally dope since it is all free as well.

So now the part I hate is not knowing when each load is done. I'd suppose by now I would know how long each machine takes, but the dryer especially varies a lot depending on where I turn the knob. So I want some sort of electronics rigged up which tells me from up here when each machine is running. Now to figure out how to do it, and wirelessly. hmm


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Jan. 28th, 2006 09:06 pm (UTC)
that is a+++ dorkery right there. Usually I do roughly what I did with the cookies the other night. I have timed what the washer and dryer cycles are from spots on the knob dial that i wrote on with sharpie (you can use dry erase too) Then I just set my sidekick timer in my pocket for however long it needs to be for. Usually 45min to 1hr depending on load size. Then I just do whatever and wait for it to go off
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