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Sam Goody Can Fuck Themselves!

So have a Sam Goody gift card that is between two and three years old. Guessing it had between like $20 and $30 on it, never used it. Logged into their website to check the balance, to use up, and it has $7.01. Reading the fine print on the card it says, "If this card remains inactive for any consecutive 12-month period, a service fee of $1.00 per month will be charged until reused or balance exhausted." That is so retarded it pisses me off!


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Jan. 30th, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
I always thought it was lame that most of these kinds of cards expired completely after a year or two, so Sam Goody's policy appears to be better, but for some reason it feels _more_ lame to me. I think it's the slow bleed that does it.
Jan. 30th, 2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
The Visa gift card not only diminishes in value after a year or so, but they charge you to check the balance.
Feb. 1st, 2006 09:58 pm (UTC)
Check with a consumer organization or your state Atty. General's office-- don't know what the rules in Calif. are but in Mass., it's illegal for a retailer to do that to a gift card.
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