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It has been interesting reading through the reactions in the news post, suggestions community, and just what users have written about them in their own entries. It seems 1/3 of the people love them, 1/3 think they are really corny though recognize we said they are corny and didn't take much time to create, and 1/3 who think we're becoming MySpace, only doing things for 14 year old girls, and not fixing things like memories. n.b. maybe my percentages are a little off, but think they are pretty close.

People posting about them seem to be the group, for the most part, that really love them. Mainly due to receiving one and thus feeling loved. I really do think it is a great feature in terms of providing another way for people to communicate with one another. Cheesy, yes, but at times that is what you're going for.

The people that are mad about it seem to fall into two groups; a) people worried about privacy and abuse and b) people who think the concept is just stupid. While I fully agree there is a possibility of abuse with this feature, I think the burden of paying money to harass someone pushes the barrier of entry too high. Not only does someone have to spend money to harass someone, but it is also directly linked via the payment system to who did it. Not the smartest way in the World to bug someone. I will however concede that if someone has banned you then you should not be able to send them a gift; this was an oversight. I also found it interesting that we have not received any support requests, that I could find, about this feature since it was announced. I asked in suggestions to be pointed to an example of where this feature has been abused. So far I've only been pointed to the gift from crucially to me which has the note, "Worst username ever.", which is a joke, and a thread which seems to have been removed where a user compared virtual gifts to murder.

The people complaining about us wasting our time and becoming like MySpace can mainly be seen commenting to the news post. Hitting the main points of:
- Waste of money
- Ploy to waste money
- Fix broken things on the site
- General bitching
- Site errors
- Random crap for the junior high kiddies
- Fixing site issues
- TOS doesn't allow people to sell userpics they created
- "Dear Brad, you've sold your soul"

Definitely interesting reading all the comments.


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Feb. 12th, 2006 03:20 pm (UTC)
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