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Went down to Monterey this morning for one of the shops "fun dives". Basically you meet at the shop at like 9am with a bunch of other random people and a few people from the shop. They've scoped out the beaches and take everyone to which one looks the best.

- Don't need to figure out where to dive
- Don't need to worry about where you're going on the dive, have dive-masters
- Can go diving even when the rest of your friends are off doing other lame things ;)

- Diving with people who can't dive
- Diving with people who are beyond slow on land
- Diving with people who can't swim and are slow in the water
- Short dives since you're in a group with people who breathe too much
- Can't see anything since people stand all over the bottom and kick up sand

So I went on the first dive, was ~32 minutes and we got back to the beach at like 11am; took a whole 1.5 hours to leave the shop, drive to the beach < 5 min away, and get in the water. Decided to drive back to the city instead of doing the second dive.

So worthwhile if you really want to go diving and no one can go with you, other than that I say skip it. Unless of course you're going with people you know and just dive in the same place, then not blocking on all the slow people.