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So Sri Lanka was awesome, need to post pictures though keep forgetting. Really enjoyed being a part of the first ApacheCon Asia and hope to participate in it again next year.

This week I'm at the Digital Identity World conference, speaking tomorrow on a panel along with brad and others on URL based identity.  At the Identity Open Space today, currently in a session on OSIS.

In a few weeks I'll be at the ApacheCon US Hackathon for two days in Austin, though won't be able to stay for the actual conference.

The week after that I'm speaking at the 2006 DC PHP Conference about digital identity more in general than just OpenID.

First week in November I'm then presenting the paper OpenID 2.0: A Platform for User-Centric Identity Management along with Drummond Reed at the ACM CCS2006 Workshop on Digital Identity Management.

So busy, busy, busy.  Flights are looking like:


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Sep. 12th, 2006 06:40 am (UTC)
Your life is so busy - awesome.
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