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So woke up at 4:10am this morning in Tucson for my 6am flight to Denver. Had an email from United saying it was canceled. Got on the phone and my record was locked since someone was already re-booking my ticket for me, so at least United did something right. :)

Now am on a flight TUS-IAD, then IAD-FRA, and will still make my original FRA-MXP flight on Lufthansa which is really nice. Annoying thing is I had confirmed upgrades for my original route, TUS-DEN-ORD-FRA, which now I don't have.

Currently have 49C on a 747 which absolutely blows! Looking pretty reasonable for the upgrade though, ExpertFlyer shows six empty business seats and they are still selling eleven business tickets for the flight. So I'm hoping, but am going to be pretty pissed if I end up in 49C since it isn't even an economy plus seat. :-\

Guess I am doing better than many others here in Tucson this morning. With the 6am flight canceled and the 8:35am flight full, as well as the rest of the flights to Denver on any airline having filled up by about 5:30am, many people are screwed and were waiting in line for close to two hours it seems.