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Northwest Nexus

Eve posts some good notes from the meeting she, Jeff Hodges, RL "Bob" Morgan, Scott Kveton, Jason McKerr, Drummond Reed, Laurie Rae, and I had at the JanRain World Headquarters last week. http://www.xmlgrrl.com/blog/archives/2007/01/21/openid-and-saml-a-swirling-nexus/

Definitely was an interesting conversation which has a few paths to take forward. Right now, my main interest is in involving the SAML community in the ongoing Identity Schemas conversation. The end goal would be convergence between Higgins, OpenID, and SAML in how profile attributes are discovered and described. Unfortunately there isn't really a better link to talk about that than just the mailing list. :-\ What that allows is a smoother path for a converged solution when looking at how rich profile data should get carried around atop OpenID Authentication requests/responses.

With that said, I still see the Simple Registration extension solving the majority of simple SSO use-cases...that reminds me to publish the final draft of it to make it "2.0 compatible". (seems like we need a fancy Web 2.0 badge or something for that)