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Been awhile since I've written non-OpenID stuff...

Went hiking this weekend organized by xotiffany along with scsi, brad, erinearl, and others. Was out like 20 minutes past Oakland in the middle of the forest, was pretty much awesome. Was about a 4 mile hike and the weather was great.

Was out in Dulles, VA last week and the whether was crazy. First two days were humid, thunder storming, and hailing. Third day was sprinkling rain like what I'd expect up in Seattle. Got about 45 minutes of sleep on my red-eye flight out Monday night, so Tuesday was largely powered by Red Bull. Conor Cahill barbecued so had dinner at his house along with Paul Madsen, Eve Maler, George Fletcher, and others which was also quite fun.

Been playing Super Paper Mario for the Wii the past week or so. Really liking this game. Is a good balance of traditional Mario with some cool new twists. Good balance of mind puzzles as well in terms of thinking about how to get through a level beyond just the traditional timing jumps.

Headed to FooCamp this weekend, so will be in Sebastapol for the first time. Thought about buying a tent today for camping there, though choices at REI were overwhelming. Thinking I'll do some Amazon.com research tonight and see what I can find.


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Jun. 19th, 2007 05:11 am (UTC)
Strictly speaking, you don't have to camp outside in a tent. They set aside a few areas/rooms indoors, so you can just take a sleeping bang if you want to travel light. I personally have no idea what that's like since my wife has us bring EVERYTHING! Seriously, we have tents to spare and we're headed to FooCamp too, so just let us know and we'll bring one along for you.
Jun. 19th, 2007 06:19 am (UTC)
go to REI always makes me feel like a dumb consumer
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