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United Gets Two Emails

Numero uno:
Just wanted to let you know that the captain and crew on this flight were one of the best domestic crews I've had on a United flight. The crew was extremely attentive and friendly all around (not just one or two great flight attendants like many flights) and the captain took the time to welcome the first class cabin personally.


Numero dos (55 minutes later):
Unfortunately I've now had one of my worst United experiences...

Upon arriving in Denver I turned my phone on and had an Easy Update showing that my flight to Tulsa (UA 6556) was departing on time from gate B81. This left me with about an hour from when we landed. I walked to gate 81 and figured I was still early when there was no gate agent there (which is reasonable for an hour before departure for a Skywest flight). Awhile later I decided to check the status and it turned out the flight had moved to gate B56. At that point there was about 15 minutes until departure. When I got the the gate the door was closed (the agent was down at the plane) though the plane was still open with the jet bridge attached.

A customer service counter was next to the gate and I explained how I trusted the Easy Update (I guess a mistake) and had been waiting at 81. Despite the plane still being there with the door open, they refused to let me board the flight. As far as I could tell from their comments this was due to having to re-do paperwork versus not having a seat (I was booked in 1A).

The best they were willing to do (after pulling the flight up on the computer and noticing the gate had been changed four times today) was book me confirmed on a flight four and a half hours later and standby on the next flight two hours later. When asking if I could get my regional upgrade certificate back, they told me I had to call mileage plus. When asking if there was anything else they could do, all they said was "no". This is not the sort of customer service I expect as a 1K and is the same sort of scenario which made me stop flying Alaska Air.

This is incredibly frustrating to me:
- Why was an updated "Easy Update" not sent letting me know about the gate change?
- Why was the customer service agent unable to do anything but book me over four hours later?
- Why did the customer service agent tell me to call mileage plus; this is completely the opposite of how if I called the 1K mileage plus number the agent would have made sure my issues were resolved instead of just transferring me to someone else?
- Why didn't the RCC agent, who asked me how I was doing, ask for any specifics to find out if she could have helped me after I answered that I was frustrated since one flight today was great, but the second is now horrible?
- Why do RCC agents randomly ask for my photo ID when not asking others, is it impossible to believe that that a 21-year old white guy with a fro is a 1K with a RCC membership?
- Why can't United have a consistent experience between airports and staff?

I realize I should have just looked at the monitor, but Easy Update messages are supposed to be correct.




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Oct. 7th, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
[this is bad]

Great letters though. I like that you took the time to write the "good work" email too -- lends more weight to the second one.
Oct. 7th, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I make sure to send "good work" emails or give the crew certificates when they are particularly awesome.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 7th, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
I actually had one of the older FAs on a NRT->SFO really appreciative that I took the time to seek her out before we land and give her one. :)
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