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I (sort of) Fail at Winter

Getting back into the spirit of personal blogging, I'm taking about two weeks of very much needed vacation right now. Of course this really means I do less work each day versus a real vacation with no computers. Met Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb yesterday for lunch and a walk with his dog around Mt. Tabor in Portland which was a lot of fun. Definitely the type of "work" that I enjoy during a vacation!

Spent a few days this past week in Sun Valley along with friends from high school. After a ten hour drive which included playing 20-Questions via walkie-talkies between the two cars, we got to our friend's house. The next day I took a crack at skiing for the first time in about ten years. Ended up being what we've decided to call "an adventure". After getting to the top of the mountain, my friend Jamie (who quite graciously stuck with me the entire way down) quickly realized that I was in above my head. The reality is that I should have gone to Dollar Mountain as a beginner. So I fail at winter as it took me about five and a half hours to make it down Baldy. On the upside, I don't totally suck at ice skating.

On a plane right now headed to Phoenix. A few years ago I worked on Simple Machines Forum, a free open source PHP forum, along with a team of volunteers around the world. They're having the first team meetup and I'm joining them for the last few days in the Grand Canyon. Should be really cool as I've never been before and from what I'm told its really pretty right now all covered in snow!