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On My Way Back Home

Well, after being on the road for nearly a month, I'm now back in San Francisco for the next few weeks. I started out with a vacation in Belize for the third year in a row along with a bunch of friends. Didn't dive as much as previous years, but really enjoyed the trip, others learned to dive, and it was quite relaxing. From there I took a red-eye back to San Francisco to attend Collective Intelligence FooCamp down at Google Friday and Saturday. It certainly was interesting, though much more focused within academia which provided a different view than most of the events I'm at. It might be cheesy to say my favorite conversations and sessions (including one on net neutrality) were with Larry Page, but it really was true; he definitely is smart and knows what he is talking about! From there I took off to Tokyo on Monday to spend some time in the Six Apart Japan office and announce the formation of a Japanese chapter of the OpenID Foundation. I think Tokyo and London are my two favorite cities outside of the US.

From Tokyo I had a day back in San Francisco, dropped some Tokyo Bananas off at the office, and then flew down to San Diego along with Anil. Monday I spoke on a panel at Graphing Social Patterns about feeds within social networking. I then stuck around for O'Reilly's Emerging Technology conference which I had never been to in the past. There were definitely interesting sessions and the conference was an energizing mix of alpha geeks (toting Asus Eee PCs) with business people enamored with new and major technological shifts. Tom Coates launched Yahoo! Fire Eagle (a location service supporting OAuth), Larry Lessig talked about political change, Nathan Eagle on interesting trends in how people relate online and data extracted from their interactions, and the list goes on with talks around mobile games, human-computer interfaces, and other interesting stuff.

Friday, Anil and I hopped over to Austin for SXSW. My flight ended up being one of the "nerd flights" as it started in San Francisco, picked a whole group of us up in San Diego, and then ended up in Austin. All in all, probably a dozen or so people on the flight that I knew. I had never been to SXSW before, so it definitely was an interesting experience. I spoke yesterday on two panels, A Critical Look at OpenID in the morning and then Portable Social Networks in the afternoon. Had a really great time on both panels and judging from reactions afterwards in person, via Twitter, and through blogs both of the panels went extremely well! I remember someone describing SXSW to me as "Most conferences the geeks try to blend into the business people, at SXSW the business people adapt to be geeks."

Just landed in Denver, have an hour before Blaine Cook and I continue on to SF, and am glad that I'll be back home for a few weeks. Will be down in Mountain View tomorrow speaking at the Emerging Communications conference, if you're around you should check it out as they've put together a great group of speakers!


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Mar. 12th, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
Did you get to see any shows at SXSW?
Mar. 12th, 2008 03:18 am (UTC)
I left before Music got started and didn't actually end up seeing any films, even though there were a few that looked interesting. I just really wanted to get home!
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