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A Great Weekend

This week I was finally really back home which was really nice, though it also meant that my week was incredibly hectic with lots of people to talk to and things to do. This weekend however, has been quite chill.

Friday my series of meetings led me back to Yahoo Brickhouse where I ended up grabbing drinks with the some of the login team as well as MyBlogLog. Was a great way to end a day of bouncing between meetings before heading over to FooBar at Six Apart. After FooBar a group of us went over to the Adaptive Path birthday party, saw a bunch of friends, and ate free tacos from the taco truck they had outside!

Mid-day Saturday, after going for a bike ride, Beau texted me about going up to Santa Rosa for some wine as Gary Vee, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferris, and Robert Scoble were borrowing a vineyard for the day. Beau ended up not going, but by around 5pm I was seeing loads of people heading up there from San Francisco. Threw out a "anybody want a ride?" tweet, picked up Chris, and drove the hour up to De Loach Vineyards; an amazing place out in the middle of nowhere in Sonoma. Scott Beale posted some pics and Gary taped a live episode of his show Wine Library TV while we were there (cell phone quality up on Qik). Had a great night, got back to SF around 4am, and my favorite wine of the evening is their Pinot Noir Green Valley 2006.

Rolled out of bed around noon today and then went over to Trish's for an Easter dinner (never done Easter dinner before) along with a bunch of others from the Belize crew.

Also, check out http://www.hangarmovie.com/. It's a short film directed by a friend from high-school about secret military bases, giant robots, and hidden gold and he did most of the CG using open source stuff!


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Mar. 26th, 2008 03:08 am (UTC)
Thanks for driving
...and sorry for passing out on the way back! Good times indeed! ;)
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