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Ma.gnolia Goes OpenID Only

Chris Messina mentioned this to me yesterday as we're both up in Seattle for a Microsoft Technology Summit, but Ma.gnolia is now only accepting OpenIDs for new signups! This is also reflected in their login page which now defaults to OpenID and allows you to select from various OpenID Providers (including the "Yahoo! button") as well as a traditional username and password for existing users. Ma.gnolia was one of the earlier supporters of OpenID so I'm both excited and grateful that they're helping to push the technology and community to new bounds.

ReadWriteWeb writes more about this change and the reasoning behind it; simply that today OpenID users are better users. That said, it isn't yet fully clear all of the ways OpenID will be used.

There are at least a few ways that people have discussed using OpenID for spam control online and this is just one of them. Others are working on ways to use OpenID and FOAF (friend of a friend) together to fight spam. OpenID has also got potential to act as an anchor point for activity data portability. There are many possible uses beyond simple single-sign-on. That's just the easiest way to explain OpenID and the most clear value proposition today.

Carsten Potter also takes a look at this:
Anyway, what’s so interesting about a new sign in page, you may ask? Well, simply Ma.gnolia requires that users have a verified identity with another service already.

Obviously trust and reputation become really important, but that's where things like the Google Social Graph API give me some hope of seeing this happen -- even in a simple form -- sooner rather than later.


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Mar. 27th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the write-up!
Thanks for taking note of our move to OpenID/verified identities for all newcomers, David. There has been a great response to the inclusion of OpenID in Ma.gnolia, and as we grappled with ways of making the service work better for legitimate users and worse for spammers, we saw this as a major way to keep out spam-bots.

Moreover, it will make for a healthier overall community as folks who join us will know that those around them are more likely to be legitimate.
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