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Using OpenID for Things of Business Value

Just saw a Google Alert hit where ClickTime has released an update to their online timesheet software including QuickBooks integration and the ability to login using OpenID. I think this is yet another piece of the "OpenID is for small business" story which Chris Messina started to write about last year with Blinksale and 37Signals.

Now, how long before we really see providers like VeriSign, TrustBearer, and Vidoop really pushing their strong auth into the hands of people using OpenID? Or until we see Microsoft really bridge OpenID with CardSpace authentication on the Windows desktop?



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Apr. 16th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
OpenID is the perfect way to help the users to login more easily on different sites/online services but it's very simple "pish" identity based only on OpenID.
There are many other standard stronger than OpenID (SAML or Shibboleth). If u think to a online business based only on OpenID you have to secure the most important data with, for example, a PIN.

My 2 cents

Max Zaglio (http://twitter.com/mzaglio)

PS: sorry for my english
Apr. 16th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
On their way
Verisign was at the RSA Conference handing out secure tokens that work with their OpenID provider. It was free and took about three minutes to setup. They also have an anti-phishing mechanism whereby auto-redirect is not supported and the user needs to use their own bookmark to get to OpenID. I think more services need to support OpenID and user demand will start to drive adoption. Maybe companies like BioPassword would offer a free non-commercial solution for other OpenID providers to add additional security to their solutions - no token required.
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