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Why I Care About a Facebook App

The look on brad's face when you tell him one of the things you're working on is building a Facebook app is pretty priceless. Almost like a "why are you wasting your time, do something cool!" type of look. Believe me, when I first started looking at (what today is known as) Blog It, I had some of the same feelings.

That said, Marshall at ReadWriteWeb has hit some of the interesting points about what Blog It will start to allow. He talks about the social graph and Beacon, but I'll throw two more into the mix.

  • The social graph: One of the problems with understanding relationships on the web today is that you're not really able to make connections with closed networks. Marc Canter, and others, have talked about this a lot in the past though never really coming up with a solution that someone like Facebook will ship. Nearly six months ago we added the ability for bloggers on TypePad, Vox, and then Movable Type with Action Streams to link to their profiles around the web and mark it up with XFN. Imagine an evolution of Blog It where after adding your Vox blog, it asks "Do you want to link to your Facebook profile from you Vox profile page?". We then could markup this link in a way which tells the Google Social Graph API (or anyone else) that the rel-me link is verified. All of a sudden, Facebook accounts start getting connected into the wider graph.
  • Telling your friends: I started blogging with LiveJournal so have always been used to a social blogging environment. I didn't start using RSS readers until recently as my LiveJournal Friends Page was my RSS reader. I care about what my friends are doing and want to know when they're blogging. Blog It makes it easier for me to keep track of my friends whether I follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Imagine another evolution of like a "Auto-submit to Digg" box when posting from Blog It as well.
  • APIs: I love APIs! Imagine Blog It as an API. If all of a sudden I could add SMS posting for every blogger no matter the blog platform they use via Blog It; that would be totally rad.

There are defiantly other cools things as well, but I think the main theme of being able to use Blog It to help make blogging better for everyone is a reason that I love working on it.



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Apr. 16th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC)
My problem with it is that it's set so I post from within Facebook. I currently use a client (deepestsender) and will then have a crossposter setup, I really dislike the FB web interface for writing in (even though lj_addons will work and give me all my insets for code).

If I could get the same "post this everywhere" from a client that worked well with FB, then great, but for most bloggers, this is only really adding crossposting abilities that I've got elsewhere anyway, but with a more poor interface. I'd rather have the posting to feeds thing but from my own customisable client interface.

It is, however, a great idea in principle, and I like the idea of SMS posting generally, using Loudtwitter to crosspost is useful but not exactly what I want.

Having said that, if you can get a decent "collect these delicious links and then post them" thing going (ie like their "thingy" but actually working and under my control not fully automated) then I'd be interested...

Edited at 2008-04-16 11:12 pm (UTC)
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