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Internet Identity Workshop is Coming Up

I'm currently in Spain for a bit of vacation with my mom before speaking at a conference here in a few days. Was at FOWA last week in London and had a great time (need to post more on that separately) and the Carsonified crew really know how to put on a great show!

In any case, the seventh? Internet Identity Workshop is coming up in a few weeks in Mountain View. To date there have been over 10 events like this - open space with the agenda made live by the people who are making the identity (relationship) layer happen. Some people say that in some ways the intensity of IIW is like 6 months on a mailing list the whole industry moves forward. So, if you're able to make it to Mountain View November 10th through 12th and are at all interested in online "identity" stuff then you should check it out. http://www.windley.com/events/iiw2008b/register.shtml