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A Few Good Things

OpenID: The Definitive Guide - Laurie Rae, Chris Messina and I have been working on this book over the past year and yesterday I noticed that it is up for pre-order on Amazon! While we're not quite done yet, huge thanks to Laurie for putting an incredible amount of work into it! We're really trying to take all of the OpenID knowledge and best practices that are currently spread out and unorganized around the Web and organize it so that it becomes easier to implement OpenID on your site.

I Dig It - Another iPhone game which is quite addicting until you run out of missions. You run a "digger" machine and go mining under a farm for jewels, fossils, gems, etc in order to raise money to save the farm. You have to spend money to upgrade your digger to go deeper, hold more cargo, have more gas, etc and complete your mission goal before time runs out. Some missions include finding things underground versus a specific monetary goal.

The first Community Leadership Summit - Jono Bacon, Canonical's community manager for Ubuntu around the World, organized an unconference style event the weekend before OSCON to bring together people who work with various open source and related communities. I went Saturday and really enjoyed the series of discussions that I participated in. They ranged from how to be successful at marketing open source style projects, to building healthy open communities, to how open source projects live or die through acquisitions. If Jono organizes this event again next year, it is definitely worth checking out.

Roast Chicken - I was out in New York a few weeks ago having dinner with Anil and Alaina when we started talking about easy things to cook at home. They both suggested roast chicken and were right! The first one turned out great and I made a second last night – less lemon and more garlic – which is even jucier! Chicken, butter, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, oil, an oven and an hour is all it takes.

And of course, OpenID continues to rock! (though Google News keeps including articles that mention "OpenID" as one of the log in methods which is really annoying since the articles aren't actually about OpenID)


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Oct. 24th, 2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
Pretty game, i already kill 20 hours to it, and continue...
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