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Why School Wastes My Time

So I hate work designed to waste my time. For a "First Year Enrichment" class we had to read an article about the "Millennial Generation" and write a reply to questions the teacher asked. Fucking waste of my time when it has a Christian slant. Here's my reply.

Prior to my analysis of this article, I must state that any opinion is biased. The bias in this article is quite clear from the beginning as it was written in regards to the UK Missionary movements. It is then also published on a website which states itself as being, "a network of people committed to Christian mission but who want to escape from the tired missionary models of the Modern era" 1. While the content may be informative, the author's ethos is immediately diminished by relating this unrelated content to Christianity. After reading the entire paper, it seems that the author is just as confused about different generations as a rat trapped in a maze. This article seems more directed at what missionaries must understand when recruiting, rather than fully explaining the issues at play.

The different generational groups are largely defined by events which have occurred throughout history. Radical World events have thus shaped each group differently, allowing for these fairly strict divisions. As such, members of this "Millennial Generation" have had their lives largely shaped by technological advances throughout their childhoods. Communication has rapidly advanced to the point where it is instantaneous. People can also communicate with multiple people at the same time, by using messaging technologies that allow for multi-tasking. While the normal complaint is that the personal factor has been removed from these sorts of communiqué, this generation is growing up with this sort of communication being part of everyday life.

Like any group of people, a school, country, gender, race, hair color, etc there are immediate stereotypes drawn by outsiders. Someone who looks different than you may immediately be perceived as being foreign, while they may have lived their entire life just down your street.

Tiplady states that, "technology is only technology for those born before it was invented" which I view as completely untrue (2000). While I understand the point he is trying to make, that technology may confuse those that did not grow up with it, I prefer the definition put forth by Dr. McQuade that technology is, "simple-to-complex tools and techniques that allow people to do things" (2001). Technology is not just wizbang gadgets that are new and flashy, but rather dates back thousands of years. Items such as saws, wheels, and pencils are all technology, even though they are not Information Technology.

In the end, I have a hard time accepting much of what Tiplady has written in this article. I view the slant on the article as being too great, thus destroying the possibility of unbiased or supported opinions, and that he has not done adequate research as to the subject he is trying to write about. I would also like to add that unless you viewed this as an activity designed to waste my time analyzing why someone cannot write prose to support a thesis, if he had a thesis, you should choose articles that present supported facts in order to make this finger exercise a brain exercise as well.

1 Postmission.com: An International Forum on Mission in Postmodernity. 3 Jan. 2005 <http://www.postmission.com/>.


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Jan. 4th, 2005 10:13 am (UTC)
I am shocked. I have never seen you write so verbosely (sp?). Although, that closing statement is very funny.
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